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Virtual Decentralized Venture Fund and
Pre-ICO Funding Marketplace

Get up to 60% discounts on the future ICO tokens of verified and qualified startups





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Public Presale +10% Bonus


1 ETH =

Tomorrows Blockchain start-ups at your fingertips

Through its unique methodology, business model and fundraising experience, Presale Ventures provides exceptional added value to both members and startups.


By concentrating on Blockchain Technology, tapping into the Wisdom of the Crowd, utilizing Crowd Funding methodology, harnessing the power of Group Buying, all incorporated into state of the art Online Platform, Presale Ventures provides unique early-bird opportunities for its members.

The astounding financial opportunities reserved in the past to highly networked and high net-worth investors will no longer be in the realm of the privileged few.

Next generation fundraising

Presale Ventures original vision is to create a comprehensive, sustainable ecosystem.

Presale Ventures' model is based on a unique hybrid of business and commercially proven methodologies, augmented screening process, a contractual mechanism, an online platform and multiple perks for both members and startups.

The basic service to members is the allowance of early-bird purchases of crypto-assets, at a pre-determined discount from their upcoming ICO value.

Harnessing the Wisdom of the Crypto Community

Presale Ventures algorithm-based, experts and crypto-community, hybrid screening process will sift through startups to carefully select those that demonstrate an actual, validated potential.

Presale Ventures first and foremost role is to select the most promising, profitable and safe startups carefully. Therefore, Presale Ventures must remain neutral and maintain the integrity of the process, while its members will have the final word as to which startups are worthy of their trust and funds.

Discounts of up to 60%

Enjoy up to 60% discounts on the future ICO tokens issued by qualified startups.

In light of the heterogenic nature and geographical spread of the community, a truly effective form of association is required.

Presale Ventures believes that the proven concept of membership through a collective purchase group successfully realizes this goal.

Planning for the ‘Peak’

Just like professional athletes that measure and schedule their training for the sole purpose of winning by harnessing their full potential and hitting their absolute 'peak' on the day of their most significant competition.

In its mission as an enabler and mediator of the presale ecosystem, Presale Ventures primary purpose and critical vision of its culture and philosophy is to help startups achieve their highest possible ICO peak.

Successfully replacing the use of SAFT with smart contract exchange of EVENT tokens, for discounted tokens generated at a launch of a start-up's Token Generation Event (“TGE”) *In a case 70% of required funds are raised

Addition of Visa, Mastercard, bank transfers & fiat deposits from non-regulated countries to the platform. *fiat deposits will have significantly lower presale discount to respect EVENT token holders

Turnkey incubator for start-ups looking to adopt Blockchain technology set up. *Following a minimum 90% of required funds raised

Own crypto trading exchange - once a pre-sale event has ended, the start-ups will be able to list their tokens (as "futures”) on the platform, even before the start-up’s ICO. *in a case 90% of required funds are raised

Portfolio of 10-20 "hand picked" high-potential start-ups with high potential built using the Presale Ventures Acceleration Fund.


Unique Opportunity for Members

Only Presale Ventures’ members, whether they are small, large, first time or expеrienced users, can participate in ICO presale events, and be awarded up to 60% on ICO token prices.

These discounts compare to the elite rates previously reserved to the privileged few, such as: funds, companies, and institutions.

Unique Opportunity for Startups

A successful presale event has immediate, measurable and positive outcome for a startup.

Preparation for a successful ICO is extremely intensive, scattered and require a meaningful investment of time and marketing efforts. Collaborating with Presale Ventures can reduce a great deal of pressure and worry, with significant added values.

When a startup achieves the presale maximum goal and/or a high hybrid review rating, it may receive additional funding, out of a pre-determined budget taken from Presale Ventures’ Acceleration Fund.

Initial Membership Offering (IMO)

  • Maximum number of EVENT tokens planned to be issued 40,000,000
  • Number of EVENT tokens offered for sale (HardCap) is set to 24,000,000
  • Minimum number of EVENT tokens to be sold (SoftCap) is set to 3,000,000
  • During IMO stage with certain discounts for early purchasers, EVENT Tokens will be issued at the exchange rate of 1 Ethereum = 800 EVENT tokens.
  • During the IMO stage, the minimum amount of EVENT tokens acquisition acquired per transaction is set to 0.1 Ethereum
  • Token generation, allocation and distribution to purchasers shall take place as stipulated in the terms and conditions of the sale.

Less than 3000 ETH

IМO is aborted

4,500 ETH

1 ETH — 525 Tokens

9,250 ETH

1 ETH — 550 Tokens

13,625 ETH

Replace the use of SAFT with smart contract

15,572 ETH

Creation of sub-tokens for staрtups on the PRE platform

17,518 ETH

Crypto trading exchange for sub-tokens (futures) trading





Download whitepaper
download download


  • During public presale stage the exchange rate of 1 Ethereum = 880 EVENT tokens (10% Bonus)
  • During the public presale stage, purchase of EVENT tokens for more than 50 Ethereum shall carry the exchange rate of 1 Ethereum = 920 EVENT tokens (15% bonus)
  • For the following 8,000,000 EVENT tokens offered during IMO stage, the exchange rate is set to 1 Ethereum = 840 tokens (5% bonus)
  • For the remaining Tokens offered during the IMO stage up to the Hard Cap, the exchange rate is set to 1 Ethereum = 800 EVENT tokens.

Platform for Blockchain Startups


Q3 2017
Core team formation, expert advisors added.
Smart Contract completed.
Whitepaper completed.
Whitepaper, Terms and conditions, License and other related documents, first version release.
Website soft launch.
Start of presale stage.
Website, White Paper, Terms and conditions, License and other related documents, final version release.
Presale Ventures International corporate infrastructure completed.
Start of Initial Members Offer stage.
International infrastructure for Cryptocurrency-legal tender conversion completed.
EVENT tokens added to selected exchanges.
Portfolio of 10-20 "hand picked" high-potential start-ups with high potential built using the Presale Ventures Acceleration Fund.
First version of Presales Ventures platform using EVENT tokens launched.
Legal compliance infrastructure for non-regulated countries completed.
First start-ups being presented.
Addition of Visa, Mastercard, bank transfers & fiat deposits from non-regulated countries to the platform. *
Legal compliance infrastructure for regulated countries completed, including the US.
(if 60% raised)
Adding Visa & Mastercard & bank transfers, allowing fiat deposits into the platform from Regulated Countries. *
(if 60% raised)
“WIX style” constructor launched.
(if 60% raised)
“Futures Exchange” established.
(if 90% raised)
Turnkey incubator for start-ups looking to adopt Blockchain technology set up.
(if 90% raised)

Leadership TEAM


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Business
Development Officer

Aviv Eilon,

Legal Counsel


Chief Technology Officer




IT Adviser


Marketing Director


Early Investor


Technology Advisor


Security Advisor


Software Engineer


Software Engineer

Sergey Ost

A businessman, IT specialist, entrepreneur, and patent holder. Sergey oversees the Presale Ventures team of analysts, experts and programmers, and & liaises with external advisers. Presale Ventures is his brainchild.

Founder & CEO of one of the first hosting companies in Israel (, exit 2003), ex-cofounder and CEO of the UK Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) working under the brand of "World8" as a “Free Roaming” Sim card distributed through 600 Post Office branches with over 100,000 customers (, exit 2016).


David Hava

Investor, and tech expert. Through his acceleration network at Marketing Innovation Worldwide, David has attracted various contacts who are applying to run Presale events on the platform.

Founder of Marketing Innovation Worldwide, a tech startup accelerator of over 18 years' history. Today, MIW’ portfolio of clients and representatives reaches across NY, San Francisco, New Delhi, Munich, Dusseldorf, London, Moscow, Johannesburg, and Rio De Janeiro.


Timur Shemsedinov

Software architect, university lecturer, and project leader. Timur leads a team of researchers and developers attached to Kiev Polytechnic Institute in Ukraine, which is appointed to develop the software stack and infrastructure for the Presale Ventures platform.

Timur has devoted over twenty years to IT. Altogether, he has (1) developed distributed corporate applications & systems architecture, (2) become an expert in Node.js, JavaScript, C#, Delphi, etc., and (3) mastered cybernetics, programming, production automation, network servers & protocols.


Yuri Snigur

IT project management professional, working with system integration, analytics and business processes. A specialist in re-engineering, complex automation systems implementation and support, Yuri has more than ten years’ experience solution managing for the following areas: geospatial and GPS systems, medical information systems, asset tracking, mobile applications, computer games, financial and corporate systems. He has also made software for RTIntel, ITAdapter, Alien Technology, SinceTV, etc.

Oren Elimelech

Cyber Security expert and researcher with extensive knowledge of Blockchain technology and its implementations. Oren is an advisor to the Israeli government, international regulatory and governing agencies, financial institutions, corporations and various private sector enterprises. Oren has various professional certifications, such as CISO, CISM, CRISC, CISA, CISSP, CEH, PCIP, EnCE.

Oren has been serving as the head of the Cyber and Information Security Manager at the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety in Israel, leading the Cyber regulative strategy, policy and governance. In the private sector, Oren provides lead advisor services on Cyber and Information Security issues for several banks & financial enterprises, Insurance companies, health organizations, education institutes and other Fortune 500 companies.

Oren is a Lead lecturer in a variety of professional universities, colleges and schools such as ICT-IDC (Research Associate) International Institute for Counter-Terrorism, See-Security, Technion (Israel Institute of Technology), Israel Open University and ISACA.

Oren is a speaker, presenter and lecturer at international conferences in Israel and around the world.


Tal Eilon

For the past 15 years, Tal has specialized in emerging start-ups, developing and managing innovative platforms to accommodate their operational, HR and online marketing growth in an ever-changing environment. Tal holds a BA degree in Communications and an MBA in Management and Business Psychology.


Aviv Eilon, Adv.

Aviv received Bachelor of Laws degree (major in international law) from Oxford Brookes University, England, and Master of Laws degree (major in commercial law) from Tel Aviv University, Israel, and the University of California, Berkeley, USA joint program. In 1999, Aviv established the foundations of his boutique law firm Aviv Eilon & Co providing legal counsel and litigation services with a focus on Technology & Internet Law, and other related aspects such as Corporate, Commercial and Intellectual Property law, in a national and international environment. For the past 20 years, Aviv worked with a variety of organizations throughout their corporate life cycle and provided counsel to innovative ventures and startups, making their first steps in the business world.


Eytan Ashtamker

Marketing specialist, business consultant and coach for startups and established businesses. Eytan has a long background of assisting clients in analyzing, implementing and evaluating business projects to meet performance expectations.

Vitalik Daniloff

Managing partner and surgeon at the Orchid Clinic (Pl.,2001). Vitalik is an independent strategic and operational planning advisor in a number of Ukrainian, Polish, Australian, Canadian and other companies. Currently Vitalik is invested in several medical startups.

Dennis Eideland

Dennis is CEO & Founder of PNR Hunter Technologies - company building state-of-art web applications and solutions, CTO of Andar Solutions – Israeli company providing services and platform technology of innovative end-to-end smart mobility for real-time calls management. CTO of Monicast IPTV - company provides smart CRM & billing technology to international IPTV market.


Mykola Bilochub

Specialist in development of server APIs for highload web and mobile applications. One of the key developers of Metarhia technology stack. Expert in JavaScript, C, C++, Go, Node.js, TCP/IP, Linux/Unix, parsing, serializing and de-serializing, information systems security and data protection.


Alexey Orlenko

Specialist in high load network protocols, Node.js Core Collaborator and one of the key developers of Metarhia technology stack. Expert in JavaScript, C, C++, Rust, React, Node.js, RPC, TCP/IP, IPC, Linux/Unix, WebSocket, parsing, serializing and de-serializing, performance optimization.


We live and breathe startups fundraising

Since 2015, the founders of Presale Ventures successfully handled more than 50 worldwide seed capital fundraising events, for more than 1,500 startups, under the brand ‘Marketing Innovation Worldwide’ in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Berlin, London, Singapore and Rio De Janeiro, more about MIW…


We are neither an ICO platform nor a startup incubator. We are a Virtual Fund that leverages the “power of masses” to create exclusive access to unprecedented terms for blockchain startups, only on their Pre–ICO stage.

We accept Ethereum

It is available worldwide, with the exception of investors/representatives from the US, China and Singapore.

The whole process consists of two stages:
• The first stage is carried out by PreSale Ventures’ team. We prescreen and disqualify applications which do not meet the criteria: ineffective concepts, replicas of previously completed ICOs, and projects that fail to provide a solid justification.
• The second stage is the contribution phase, in which members decide whether to invest or not.

There are three basic components on our way to success:
1. With PreSale.Ventures’ platform, startups gain their “15 minutes of fame” effortlessly, which creates a buzz towards their upcoming ICO.
2. The pre-sale stage not only saves a great deal of time and resources for startups, it also provides them with resources that were not available to them otherwise, such as support and open communication channels to potential investors – before the ICO.
3. A start-up that was successfully funded on PreSale.Ventures platform will most likely have a very successful ICO, as it already has the PreSale.Ventures’ stamp of approval.

We aim to carry out up to 30 ICOs per month.

The startup entrusts a certain percent of tokens for upcoming ICO event, by default it is 5%-30% and our members determine the price.

Default minimum is $300,000. If minimum amount is not reached, the event will be considered unsuccessful and the funds will be refunded to the investors.

Actually, if you buy 50% of discounted tokens, when the ICO is finished your tokens will virtually worth 100% more, not 50%, as they will double in price. “Virtually” – because you will only be able to realize these profits, once the token is added to an exchange.

Unlike other platforms, we are not an ICO incubator and we do not offer any kind of “turnkey” solution for ICO’s. We are a pre–ICO platform only, a Pre-ICO Launchpad. We provide startups with a virtual fund and a significant presentation platform which increases their exposure and gives them a unique opportunity to succeed.

Public offering – 60%

60% Public offering


10% Team and employees


12% Partners and Advisors


2% Bounty Program


16% Acceleration fund

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